Now add an App password toyour Paytm Wallet

Now add an App password to
your Paytm Wallet
launching an App
password for your Paytm wallet. So if
you lose or misplace your phone, your
Paytm wallet remains safe.
This App password feature is currently
available in the latest Android App
and here is what you need to do to
1.Set the Phone’s default Android
security password if not already
done. Go to your Phone’s Settings
> Security > Screen Lock >
Choose Screen Lock. You can
select Pin, Password, Pattern or
Fingerprint to protect your
2.Open the updated Paytm App &
click on “Pay” or “Passbook”. You
will be prompted to enable this
optional feature. If you are not
logged in then you will be asked
to login first to enable this App
3. Click on Add Security Feature. You
will be asked to reconfirm your
Phone’s Pin/Password/Pattern/
Fingerprint depending on what you
selected as your default protection.
Once confirmed, your new App
Password is now set
4. Now next time when you click on
“Pay” or “Passbook”, you will be
prompted to input your App
password you have just enabled
5. In case you do not want to use this
feature anymore, you can disable it
as well. To disable, open Paytm App,
Go to Profile > Security & Settings >
Android Security Feature > Slide it off.
You will be prompted to reconfirm
your Pin/Password/Pattern/
Fingerprint to disable it
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